Wednesday, September 8, 2010


A new version of easy bills is available on the market. I believe this update enables you to have more flexibility and I'd hope you agree. First, editing and removal is now available. Perform a long press on a bill and you'll see the new options. Secondly, notifications were not customizable in the first version. Now you can determine how often they will be triggered and turn on/off a vibrate feature. You can access these settings by pressing the menu button on your phone while viewing the main screen.

  • Edit Bill - Change a bill amount and reminder options. This only changes the bill you selected.

  • Edit Series - Change every detail about the bill except for the name. This option takes all unpaid bills and updates the pay schedule based on the new information you provide. All previously paid bill retain their paid dates and amounts.

    For example you have a mortgage payment due on the 1st of the month. You refinance for a lower payment and change the due date of your payment. You would choose "Edit Series" and enter the new lower payment and change the due date. Press Save. You've now saved all your older entries, which you can export, and have changed your billing schedule. Please note the due date that displays on this screen is a projection based on your old schedule and last paid date.

  • Remove Bill - Removes that single bill from the month. If for some fortunate reason you don't have to pay it then remove it.

  • Remove Series - Completely removes all unpaid occurrences from the app.

If there's some other features you'd like to see added to this app, please let me know.



eddie said...

I think this is a great app and its getting better! Recurring is a big plus. Now I thing to get that fifth star.......... a list of the unpaid bills , due now, and upcoming would be so convient with the number of days past due. I am unableto pay my bills ontime. Lol!
Thanks for the app.

stnkyminky said...


Thanks for your suggestion. I've gotten a couple of emails asking for this and I'm currently looking into adding this functionality into the next update.

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